We work with you to create specific campaign goals. The steps we take to reach them are always transparent. Maintaining consistent, relatable communication with our clients allows us to provide the best possible results with no confusion on scope or execution on either side. From there, it’s clear sailing.

What is the customer journey?

Well, the customer journey is a funnel:

Pointing ad click throughs to trackable web pages with well-defined conversion events through Google Tag Manager, Google Analytics, and a variety of tracking pixels help us identify ROI and retarget users who have yet to convert-to-sale.

So how does it work?

We identify areas of opportunity and audiences that are most-likely-to-convert by:

ROI Arrow

Defining Your Goals

KPI Gauge

Determining KPIs

Marketing team

Developing Custom Audience Sets

What we target:

By targeting high-quality audiences, we drive larger returns for every dollar spent.

And after that?

We are constantly optimizing campaigns to increase ROI with ongoing analysis, all of which you have access to with custom dashboards and reporting.


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